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Sunday 28th Feb
A Difficult Truth 

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This Sunday we hear Jesus tell his disciples a difficult truth about what will happen to him in his death and resurrection, but Peter finds it hard to take, and argues with Jesus. Jesus sets out that God’s ways are different from human nature: we must forget about our earthly desires and follow Jesus.Sometimes it can be hard to accept a difficult truth. Perhaps there have been times when we have had to receive a difficult truth. How did we react? How might we have responded if we had been in Peter’s shoes?

With this Gospel story in mind (Mark 8.31-38) we'll explore daring to be open without fear of rejection.

The 10am service will be a Service of the Word (SOTW) and we will follow it with a short, spoken service of Communion for those who would like to stay.

Here are the orders of service: 10am Service and Communion.

As usual, the Zoom link for the Sunday services is:

Meeting ID: 865 6397 3122
Passcode: 613976

Please link in from 9.40am onwards. Looking forward to welcoming everyone!

If you would like to share this week's theme with all ages in your family, here is the Ministry@Home sheet and an activity sheet.