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Rushing and Resting
Sunday 10am 

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This Sunday our theme will be 'Rushing and Resting'. The two readings are Psalm 23 and Mark 6.30-34, 53-56. Both readings lead us to consider the balance between having compassion and concern for others, and maintaining appropriate self-care. Achieving that balance is a lifelong struggle for many people. What will encourage us to learn how important the balance is, and where, and how, and from whom do we receive encouragement to work at it? And yes ... I will be talking to myself too! :) 

Here is the order of service. You will only need to print/access this if you are joining by Zoom; it will be supplied in church.

If you'd like to explore this Sunday's readings and ideas with all ages in your family here is an Activity Sheet.

Booking is necessary

Please book a place in church with Aline as soon as possible if you haven't already. Email or 07771 636872.

As safe as possible ...

Please note that the wearing of face masks in church is still compulsory for all in the congregation, unless someone has a legitimate reason not to wear one.

Zoom Details for 10am

The Zoom link will be the usual one for Sunday services:

Meeting ID: 865 6397 3122
Passcode: 613976

Please join from 9.45am.