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Freedom Day (?) 

So ... Monday 19th July is apparently 'Freedom Day' a term that fills some people with glee and strikes fear into the hearts of many others.

As a Church we await final confirmation of the changes to government regulations, and we have just (16th July) received guidance from the national Church.

You'll remember that last Sunday, aware that there are many worried people around, I asked you to let a PCC member know your thoughts and concerns about where we go next. Thank you to everyone who did that, both on Zoom and in church. It helped our discussion at the PCC meeting on 15th July. The outcome of that discussion was that we will not change anything for the next two Sundays. We felt that without Monday's confirmation and the national Church guidance we could not make changes immediately. When we have all that information, the Standing Committee will meet to form a plan, with the intention of accomodating the changes, as safely as possible, from the beginning of August. We hope that you are content that this is the best we can do in the circumstances.

One of the PCC members summed things up when they said, "I might be happy to forget social distancing and not wear a mask, but because that would worry other people, I will continue to do both". I feel sure that those words would be echoed by everyone in this church's generous, considerate congregation, and so we will travel through the next two weeks, and maybe beyond, on that principle - concern for the most worried amongst us.

Ruth (on behalf of the PCC)