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Sunday 10am - To whom can we go? 

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This week we reach the end of John's fascinating sixth chapter and the disciples are still struggling to understand Jesus’ teaching. Jesus encourages them by saying that his words are ‘spirit and life’, but reminds them of some challenges too. Many disciples turn back, finding his path too hard to follow, but some commit to follow him, making the leap of faith required.

Can we follow Jesus without having all the answers? Have you ever experienced following a path, not knowing where it leads? What answers would you give to someone who is not sure about Jesus’ way forward?

The service will be a 10am Service of the Word with Communion. Here is the order of service. You only need to print/access it if you are joining by Zoom; it will be supplied in church.

Here is this week's Activity Sheet if you would like to explore this Sunday's readings and ideas with all ages in your family.

No need to let us know ...

As announced at the beginning of the month, we have reviewed the system for notifying Aline of your attendance at church, and it does not seem to be necessary any more. At the moment we still need to keep a record of who is present (for Test & Trace), but please don't worry any longer, about letting Aline know you are coming.

As safe as possible ...

Please note that, although the wearing of face masks in church is no longer compulsory, we ask you to continue to wear one if at all possible.

Zoom Details for 10am

The Zoom link will be the usual one for Sunday services:

Meeting ID: 865 6397 3122
Passcode: 613976

Please join from 9.45am.