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Pastoral Care 

Janet Holdstock is our Authorised Pastoral Assistant and she oversees a team of pastoral visitors and listeners.

The Pastoral Team is in constant contact with usually around 40 people who have asked for pastoral help - spiritual and/or practical. Some of these people used to be able to get to church regularly and now cannot, so we take the spiritual care to them. Some people are unwell long term and appreciate some company and a listening ear. Others may be churchgoers or non-churchgoing members of the community, who are under the weather for a while, and we are glad to offer our time and sometimes practical help.

During this time of Covid-19, Janet is co-ordinating an expanded team of helpers who are keeping in touch by phone, with those who are vulnerable, elderly, lonely or fearful. If you are isolated and would appreciate a regular phone call, or know someone who would, contact Janet on 01622 710083.

Ruth Peet, 06/05/2020