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St. Peter and St. Paul's Church costs on average approximately £1950 per week to run. This is the inevitable cost of keeping the church building and church centre running, maintaining a churchyard and ensuring effective ministry to the whole parish community. People are usually surprised to learn that parish churches receive no automatic external or central funding (with the exception of occasional grant funding for specific needs). All the costs have to be covered by contributions from the parish community, in the form of fees for services such as weddings and funerals and voluntary donations.

The best form of income, as for any charitable organisation, is regular and therefore predictable income.

During the 5 accounting years 2014-2018, the church's income from regular giving decreased by 20%; overall income by 25%. This left us at the end of 2018, despite responsible financial management, in a sticky situation. However, during 2019, through an increase in regular giving, growth in the number of givers and continued careful money management, we saw the beginning of an overall improvement. Of course, now that improvement has been swept away by the reduction in income because of the coronavirus.

At the current time, with so much pressure on income for everyone, we certainly are not asking for money from people who simply cannot afford it. However, much of our income comes from weekly donations and collections in church, and as we cannot currently meet in church, the people who contribute in that way may appreciate alternative ways of giving. We have therefore provided multiple ways of giving and contributing:

Easyfundraising   |   Legacy Giving   | Mobile Giving   

Online Donating   |   Regular Giving by Standing Order

The Finance Committee (a sub committee of the PCC) continues to work hard, to address the financial difficulties caused particularly by the pandemic.

Gift Aid

If you are a current giver or able to begin giving - thank you. If you pay income tax, please don't forget to fill in a Gift Aid Declaration. Currently charities are able to reclaim 25p in the £ -  which makes a huge difference to total income. Your Gift Aid Declaration, like any other financial information you supply, will only be seen by Gordon Sladen (Giving Secretary).

Ruth Peet, 08/07/2020