We are so excited to announce that our Community Hub in the Brassey Centre is opened on 6th July! The café area will be open every week, come rain or shine, and it is open for EVERYONE. If you just fancy a (proper) coffee, come in. If you are new to the area and would like to meet people, come in. If you are lonely and want some company, come in. If you have nothing to do, come and be company for others who come.

We are registered with 'Places of Welcome', a national umbrella organisation, which you can read more about here.

The idea is that we provide a space for people to connect and get to know each other, and we will be developing what's available in that space, on Wednesday mornings and at other times of the week. For example, we already have a group of Knit and (K)Natterers intending to come, and professional people supporting mental health and other issues are interested in finding out more and helping. We will also use the space for support groups, study programmes, worship, meetings and prayer - all to take shape over the coming months. As the particular needs of this community reveal themselves, we will invite the appropriate people to support and help.

There is no charge for the food and drink (although you may donate if you would like to).

We can't stress enough that this is for YOU! You don't have to be lonely or in need. Just come and be part of the adventure! Be part of creating a welcoming, inclusive, flourishing, mutually-supportive space ... and help us show God's love to anyone in need.

Please download and display a poster.

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