Annual Meeting 

This year's APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) will be held in church on Sunday 2nd May at 11.30am. You may attend in person (booking necessary) or by Zoom.

We will begin at 11.30am with the meeting that precedes the APCM - the Meeting of Parishioners, to elect the churchwardens. See below.

Please see the official Notice of APCM.

Copies of relevant documents will be available at the meeting. If you are attending by Zoom you may like to download them: AgendaMinutes of Last Year's APCMSOFAAnnual ReportIndependent Examiner's ReportAdditional Reports (link to be added when document is available).

To book to be there in person or by Zoom, please contact Anita Keays (Administrator) on 01622 719366 (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am-2pm) or 01622 719589. Email.

If you would like to join the meeting via Zoom, please email Anita and she will supply the Zoom details.

The deadline for booking is 2pm on Friday 30th April.

Meeting of Parishioners

Starting at 11.30am, the APCM will be preceded by the 'Meeting of Parishioners' to elect two churchwardens.  Nominations must be submitted in writing before this meeting to Ruth, the vicar, by 9am on 2nd May 2021.

Please see the formal Notice of The Meeting of Parishioners.

Churchwarden Nomination Form

Become a PCC member? 

If you would like to be even more involved in church life, playing a crucial role in the day to day management of the church, please think about becoming a PCC (Parochial Church Council) member. The size of our (ecclesiastical) parish means that Aylesford PCC can contain 12 members elected from churchgoers. The 12 are appointed on a 3 year cycle, so every year there are at least 4 places to fill. With meetings held once every 2 months, belonging to the PCC is not onerous, but there is a responsibility to be an active member, voicing ideas and opinions and being prepared to put effort and energy into the completion of some projects undertaken with the agreement of the PCC. It is a responsibility, but one that allows you to have direct impact on how we show the love of God in the diverse and wonderful community we serve.

Elected members are elected at the APCM. If there are no more nominations than places, election is automatic. If there are more nominations than places, then a vote will be held. Please think and pray about this opportunity to serve God and your community, and don't hesitate to ask questions of Ruth (chair), Gordon (vice-chair), Aline and Alan (churchwardens) or any other member of the PCC. 

If you would like to give this a go, you will need a seconder. Here is the Nomination Form.

Although nominations can be accepted at the meeting, it would be much appreciated if they could be submitted to the Church Office (address above) no later than Friday 30th April (2pm). This will help us with the management of any election.